Dr. Patrick Briggs Talks About Male Breast Reduction

An increasing number of men are trying to bulk up their bodies as they try to live a healthy lifestyle. This growing trend gave rise to a lot of 24-hour gyms in almost every nook and cranny in the country. But, there are a few men who are having problems with what they call as “man boobs.” This condition is referred to as gynaecomastia or enlarged breasts in men. Contrary to what most people think, this condition is quite common and can be addressed by surgery, a service offered by Dr. Patrick Briggs.

What we need to remember is that all men possess some breast tissue, albeit marginal only compared to women. The ones who have problems with man boobs are those that have too much breast tissue than normal. Men with worst cases may have a breast size that is as big as a woman’s C cup. The enlargement may be caused by a hormone imbalance but, this is usually not detected in typical blood tests or clinical examination. Regardless of what caused this condition, one thing is for sure. Men who have them are embarrassed, which is why they avoid swimming, sunbathing, and taking their shirts off in public.

There are instances when this condition can be improved through treatments that are non surgical. These may include medications that can address the abnormal hormone levels. However, there are instances wherein exercise, diet, and even medication can help resolve the problem. In this case, one could opt to have a surgery. Dr. Briggs can remove the excess tissue and make it look normal permanently.

Dr. Patrick Briggs offers male breast reduction to help men with gynaecomastia have peace of mind and better physical appearance. During the consultation, the patient will be asked about his general medical history and any past surgeries. The other questions would include any medications, vitamins, and supplements being taken. The patient’s level of fitness and goals will also be discussed. Once that is done, Dr. Briggs will explain the treatment plan and the breast reduction procedure. He will also talk about the scars post-surgery and what will happen during the recovery period.

The surgery can be done in the day or at night. During the operation, you will not feel anything because you will be given a general anesthesia. It can be carried out in two ways. The first one is by making a half moon incision around or underneath the areola. Once that is done Dr. Briggs will cut out all the excess breast tissue. The other procedure involves the use of Lipoplasty equipment.

This process, which still eliminates excess tissue, involves breaking up and drawing the unwanted breast tissue using a small cannula under a high vacuum. This procedure needs only a small incision under the nipple or toward the armpit. Because of that, there is almost no scarring. All of these can now be done thanks to the emergence of ultrasound assisted liposuction. There are cases wherein only one method is used while other cases require both. Patients may be placed with a drainage tube to avoid bleeding after male reductions. However, these are removed the morning after the operation.

A few things that you need to expect after the surgery are bruising and swelling after the operation and may last for at least a week. You will also fell some discomfort but, you will be given painkillers to help you manage it. In case your medication is insufficient, call Dr. Patrick Briggs right away and remember not to take aspirin because it promotes bleeding.